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    Evaluating Design in a Time of Transition

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Design for Life

A graduation talk presented to the 2011 graduates of SVA’s Interaction Design program. “We tend to define ourselves in terms of our past, our history — the labels we’ve taken on, the expectations we’ve created for ourselves.” But….


The heart of design is intention, the heart of interaction is conversation

At the heart of interaction design lies conversation: conversation between people and system, conversation between people through systems, and conversation directly between people, mediated by an act of design.


Designing together

The key to successfully designing together lies in paying attention, together, to the heart of the work. Design begins with understanding, and at its heart lies intention. Design is a meeting of understanding and creation. Before you attend to the content or form of the work, attend to shared understanding and intention.


How long since you saw an "under construction" sign on the web? Man, I remember when that was all over the place, with little black and yellow striped signs. So not cool any more. But seriously. Give me a little time.

I'm going to put up all my old old stuff -- ACM articles and columns, the database normalization poster, etc. -- and some merely old stuff, which is mostly design presentations. Then I can start adding new stuff.

Possibly there will be cats.

The appearance and navigation is going to be changing like crazy over the next few days.

Thanks for your patience,
2 May 2013