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  • Designers mix with residents of Savannah's Waters Avenue district during the "Doference"

    Clues for Design’s Frontier

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    Evaluating Design in a Time of Transition

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The heart of design is intention, the heart of interaction is conversation

At the heart of interaction design lies conversation: conversation between people and system, conversation between people through systems, and conversation directly between people, mediated by an act of design.

Evaluating Design in a Time of Transition

Evaluating Design in a Time of Transition

In a time of transition, the values by which we judge design are changing.


Designing for Experience

Frameworks & project stories for UX


How long since you saw an "under construction" sign on the web? Man, I remember when that was all over the place, with little black and yellow striped signs. So not cool any more. But seriously. Give me a little time.

I'm going to put up all my old old stuff -- ACM articles and columns, the database normalization poster, etc. -- and some merely old stuff, which is mostly design presentations. Then I can start adding new stuff.

Possibly there will be cats.

The appearance and navigation is going to be changing like crazy over the next few days.

Thanks for your patience,
2 May 2013